Thomas Hampton Reviews Twenty-Two Knightsbridge Theater & The Filthy Lovelies


How long can you ignore evidence of a problem before you attempt to fix it…  or do you choose to ignore it and double down?

We seem hardwired to fuel our never ending destructive consumption in an attempt to attain more:  more money, more house, a higher high.

Julia Morizawa’s (playwright/ actress/ producer) characters all admit to their personal demons.  They know they do too much blow, drive drunk, abandon their children, take advantage of each other.  They know they shouldn’t.  Can they choose to change their behavior?

If you are a student of history, the answer is simple enough and self evident:  Tulip Mania of the late 1630’s, the tech sector’s spectacular fall ten years ago, our current housing/ mortgage debacle.

Can we choose to change our behavior before our bubble bursts?  Can we afford not to?

Thematic content includes:  Sex, Violence, Rape, Self Destruction, Drug Use, Humor.

Twenty-Two runs from January, 8, 2010 to January, 30, 2010.
Friday and Saturday, performances at 8pm, $10.
Map of Knightsbridge Theater
Buy Tickets
Visit the Twenty-Two or Knightsbridge website
Contact the production/ producers


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